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Health and Wellness Infographic: Today's Vitamin Consumer

05 Mar 2018 Ann D'Adamo

in Health & Wellness


Consumers agree that taking vitamins and supplements is part of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, almost three quarters of all U.S. adults regularly take vitamins, minerals, or herbal supplements. Although overall industry growth slowed slightly in 2017, sales still increased by 4% to reach $23.3 billion and are projected to grow at a modest pace through 2022. In our infographic, we look at the opportunities for growth, how consumers shop for supplements, and which products are growing.  

What Consumers Consider When Buying Vitamins and Supplements

 88% read labels before buying

77% buy the same brands each time they shop

53% reseach supplments online before shopping in-store

42% agree that shopping for these products is easier online

36% say store associates are helpful in deciding which products to choose

34% ask a pharmacist about a product before buying

32% struggle to find what they are looking for

32% prefer shopping for vitamins and supplements online

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