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Infographic: Will 2018 Be The Year Of Online Grocery Shopping?

02 Mar 2018 Ann D'Adamo

in Food & Beverage


Will 2018 be the year that online grocery shopping takes off? After dipping a toe into the water last year, consumers seem ready to make the transition—but only on their terms. In our infographic, learn where the opportunities are, how food and beverage brands can break down barriers, what makes a great online grocery experience, and how to win on Amazon.

The E-Grocery Opportunity

Consumers who shopped for groceries online

2015                                8%

2016                                19%

2017                                 22%

2018 (projected)               36%

Most-Shopped E-Grocery Retailers

42% local grocery store

34% Amazon

32% Walmart.com

12% Instacart

8%   Peapod

6%  FreshDirect

Shoppers Want Choice

Shoppers want the ability to switch between pickup and delivery at their convenience

50% delivery

30% pickup

20% both

The Store Isn’t Going Away

Shoppers are omnichannel—96% of online grocery shoppers also say they visit their local grocery store once a month or more, and 62% visit at least weekly

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