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Infographic: Consumers Confused by Natural Food and Beverage Labels

14 Feb 2018 Ann D'Adamo

in Food & Beverage


Consumers are increasingly aware of the health, safety, and social impacts of food consumption and paying closer attention to packaging claims. Although claims like “gluten-free” or “antibiotic-free” are understandable to most consumers, claims like “natural” can be ambiguous. Without clear FDA guidelines surrounding the use of the “natural” claim, both consumers and marketers have been left to define it for themselves causing confusion for all but the savviest of consumers. In our infographic, we look at what's confusing food and beverage consumers and how marketers can offer more substantive and transparent claims.

The Language of Labels: Consumer statistics regarding "natural" and "organic" label claims

61% read product labels for ingredients

59% wish food companies were more transparent about how they manufacture products

39% would switch from their current brand to another that offers clearer, more accurate product information

Is It Natural or Organic?

Consumers aren’t sure what natural means

82% admit they confuse “organic” and “natural” at least some of the time

79% are aware that organic claims are regulated under the USDA

72% believe there should be more regulation for products that use the term “natural”

52% are more trusting of brands with organic certifications

45% believe the “natural” label is verified

40% don’t trust the natural label claim

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