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Infographic: How Women Engage With Branded Content | WMI

25 Sep 2017 Ann D'Adamo

in Media, Digital


Marketers know that a good story is the backbone of a successful marketing campaign. And when that story resonates with consumers, the connection is powerful. Marketers are bringing their brand to life with content and amplifying it on the platforms that matter most. In our infographic, you'll discover why almost 90% of women say they engage with branded content, where they prefer to see it, and why a good story never goes out of style.

Five Ways Women Engage With Branded Content

1. Women engage with branded content when it's authentic, entertaining, and tells a good story. 

2. Women access branded content on social media, on blogs and brand websites, on publisher sites, and in print/digital magazines.

3. Generation X women are most likely to share branded content, followed by Millennials, and Generation Z. 

4. If you're marketing to women, make it mobile! 90% of women access branded content on smartphones.

5. Stories sell! Women are inspired to shop by top-notch branded content.

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