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Infographic: Intimate Apparel in the U.S.

12 Dec 2019 Elizabeth McHugh

in Retail, Infographic

Athleisure has now transitioned into leisurée, a term aptly coined by Michelle Cordeiro Grant, Founder and CEO of intimate apparel brand Lively. Indeed, intimate apparel in the U.S. is changing, shifting towards comfort and support. As wardrobes become more casual, transitional, and even sporty, women are opting for their intimate apparel to be so as well. New DTC players, savvy and responsive, have made inroads in disrupting this major market. Similar to fragrance, there was hesitation whether bras could sell successfully online: was this a product that simply had to be experienced in stores? DTC brands have solved for this, through advanced fit quizzes, half sizes, and free shipping and returns. Our influencer community weighed in on their personal shopping experiences, indicating that they are very open to purchasing intimate apparel online.

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