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CBD Marketing Strategy: 3 Marketing Tactics CBD Brands Need to Succeed

22 Oct 2018 Marlea Clark

in Beauty, Food & Beverage, Health & Wellness


CBD, a cannabis-derived compound that won’t get you high, is suddenly everywhere, with brands rushing to incorporate it across categories including beauty and wellness, food, and even pet care.

When sourced and formulated accurately, CBD can help with muscle aches, acne, inflammation, and chronic pain in general. In addition to physical ailments, CBD is often used therapeutically to reduce anxiety and insomnia.

CBD Marketing Strategy It's Lit- but Confusing

While brands incorporating CBD formulas promise a myriad of health benefits, inconsistency between state and federal laws paired with a lack of FDA regulation creates major marketing challenges. The strict federal laws have created a loophole that allows imposters to capitalize on consumer confusion over cannabis and hemp-based CBD.

Products containing CBD are treated like other non-FDA approved supplements; brands cannot advertise product benefits or the ailments they treat, even if the product is legit. Levels of CBD content cannot be listed on packaging, leaving it up to the consumer to determine how much CBD a product really contains—if any at all. Popularity without the proper education can mislead consumers and put a damper on the holistic benefits of cannabis.

Developing a CBD Marketing Strategy

From an advertising standpoint, current restrictions don’t allow CBD brands to pay to play through most digital or traditional channels. Amazon, Google, and social channels won’t accept CBD products, neither will most TV, print, or radio. So, how do CBD brands succeed in reaching the right consumer? Having agile marketing and legal teams equipped to navigate the murky waters and help brands get the right information to consumers is a must.

Below are three critical elements that CBD brands need to implement into their marketing strategy:

CBD Educational Content

CBD brands need content designed to educate consumers on the benefits of the product and how to use it. Having an informative, accurate blog will attract the right consumers and guide them on how to use the product; a steady content stream that regularly communicates your brand promise is critical. It should be engaging, and it must be knowledgeable.
CBD SEO Strategy
Showing up in top search results should be a marketing focus, as competition increases. A strong SEO team with the tools to organically grow your brand is especially important after algorithm updates Google made over the summer that hit healthcare-related sites hard. Google looks for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, so having informative content paired with an SEO team dedicated to staying on top of these updates is necessary to inform your brand and the consumer.
Building a Social Community around CBD and Wellness
Social media is awash with misinformation on CBD and CBD-lookalike products. Organic social content allows brands to reach consumers seeking guidance on CBD use and benefits, as well as publicize events, newsletter signups, and customer loyalty programs. Stay away from the trippy and trendy hashtags, find that niche community of people who want the facts and are not fazed by the fad. Work hard to spark that conversation and constantly engage consumers with information. Be transparent. Just be sure you don’t put money behind any posts—paid social is off limits, which will limit overall reach.

Women’s Marketing has a history of creating marketing strategies that empower brands to grow and overcome barriers in the marketplace, including SEO and strategic social services. If you’re part of a CBD brand or simply want to know more about the consumer in this space, hit us up today!

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