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Infographic: The Clean Beauty Consumer

01 Nov 2018 Marlea Clark

in Beauty, Amazon, Retail


50% of consumers report buying more natural products than they did last year, but the meaning of “natural” is constantly being redefined—especially in beauty. Lately, the natural beauty consumer isn’t just examining beneficial ingredients in products, she’s looking at the label to make sure harmful ingredients are not included, indicating a shift in prioritizing safety over source, and a transition from “natural” to “clean.”

Here’s how clean beauty consumer trends fit in—and stand out—within the natural landscape:

Natural Needs Transparency

56% of female beauty buyers 18-34 seek natural products most of the time, but 30% would like more information on how products are made.

Clean Beauty Confusion?

On social media, #CleanBeauty is often surrounded by similar hashtags like #GreenBeauty, #CrueltyFree, and #Natural.

What Top Three Claims Makes the Clean Beauty Cut?

1. Cruelty-free

2. BPA-free 

3. Shelf-life 

Clean Beauty Buying Checklist:

Consumers are looking to avoid...

-Toxic pesticides 



-Fragrance and dye

Consumer are looking for these natural ingredients...

-Aloe vera

-Vitamin E

-Vitamin C

-Argan oil 


Her Path to Purchasing Clean Beauty

The #1 retailer for purchasing clean beauty is Amazon

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