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Infographic: Holiday Shopping by the Numbers

05 Nov 2018 Marlea Clark

in Fashion, Beauty, Retail


‘Tis the season to spend, at least according to recent studies forecasting consumer plans for holiday shopping. 75% of consumers are confident in the economy and 1 in 3 will have started their holiday shopping by the end of October. However, 6% don’t start their shopping until the week before Christmas, leaving marketers with some time to develop and implement new strategies based on consumers’ predicted shopping behaviors and larger-than-average budgets.

Here is a breakdown of what the expected consumer shopping and spending experience will look like this holiday season:

Omni-Channel Spending

Each consumer will spend the following, on average, per channel:

-Online: $1075

-In-store: $742

-Both: $1379

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

60% of consumers feel overwhelmed by Black Friday, yet 1 in 5 will start shopping on that holiday.

In contrast, just 27% of consumers feel overwhelmed by Cyber Monday. 

Gifting Habits? Oh, So Lavish 

Shoppers are expected to spend more than $800 of their holiday budget on gifts.

The Top 10 Gifts on the Shopping List:

1. Gift Cards

2. Apparel 

3. Toys

4. Technology

5. Jewelry

6. Video Games

7. Home

8. Beauty Supplies

9. Media

10. Sporting Goods 

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