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Trend: How Men Shop for Food & Beverage

Trend: How Men Shop for Food & Beverage

13 Dec 2017 Ann D'Adamo

in Food & Beverage,


It's time to put an end to stereotypes. When it comes to food and beverage shopping, men are increasingly playing a bigger role. Nearly 60% of men say they are the primary shoppers in the household and 37% share the responsibility. As traditional gender role trends continue to evolve, marketers need to consider how men shop for the brands they buy. In our infographic, we look at the differences in the way men shop, what inspires them to buy, and how they feel about their role in the kitchen.

How Men Shop for Food and Beverage

86% tried a new brand in the past year, experimenting most with salty snacks, breads, & frozen desserts

66% prepare a list before shopping 

43% of men shop alone

35% were influenced by an online ad to try a new food or beverage

13% include specific brands on their list

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