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What Does It Take To Build A National Brand? | WMI

What Does It Take To Build A National Brand? | WMI

06 Jun 2017 Rich Zeldes

in Digital,

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A decade ago, emerging brands didn’t have as many marketing choices as they do today. The funnel was well defined and marketing strategy was straightforward. Broad awareness was built through national TV and magazines and local advertising was designed to drive consumers in store. Today, everything has changed. Technology has become a key factor and tool in how marketers reach consumers, offering more ad choices, better targeting, and insightful analytics, as well as fundamentally changing how consumers interact with brands. However, the journey isn’t exclusively digital—consumers move seamlessly across digital and analog worlds…and brands are expected to do the same.

Engagement At All Touchpoints

To build a healthy, successful brand, put your consumer at the center of the equation. What does she want and what does she demand? Our own data and experience shows that she wants a consistent and relevant experience whether browsing on mobile, interacting with the brand on social, or shopping in-store. Creating a holistic experience across touchpoints is key.

We find the most successful strategies are multi-layered, combining always-on awareness with tactical product campaigns tied to promotions and events. One strategy, that has helped many of our clients successfully grow, has been using mid-and-upper funnel digital and traditional media, like print and TV, to build national awareness, layered with engagement-oriented advertising, such as localized mobile-focused video and rich media to drive store-level point of service, where brands can capitalize on trade promotion in the retail environment. This allows us to measure national awareness and engagement alongside point-of-sale metrics that offer verified reporting on ad-driven store visits and product sales.

Personalization and Localization

-Over half of US smartphone users visited a retailer’s website or app before making an in-store purchase

-More than 50% also said they used a search engine before completing such a purchase. (eMarketer)

By the time consumers get to the store, most have already done some research on your brand or your products—and the ability to capture and gain insights from that data is priceless. An understanding of what the consumer wants, when she wants it, and why, helps marketers better target their message and serve content when the consumer is most receptive to it.

Successful brands—not just in the future, but right now— will meet their customers’ expectations for a seamless experience across channels as well as providing the information and delivery the product when the consumer is ready to buy.

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