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What Consumers Crave in the Morning: 4 Breakfast Scenarios

What Consumers Crave in the Morning: 4 Breakfast Scenarios

04 Sep 2018 Amanda Chomicz

in Food & Beverage, Health & Wellness


Breakfast is diminishing in overall importance, with just over 51% of consumers saying it’s the most important meal of the day, down from 55% in 2014.

Still, 92% of consumers claim to eat breakfast on weekdays and convenience is a critical attribute, just behind health in importance. Of those eating breakfast, 12% do so in transit. Breakfasts packaged as ready-to-go meals may be more appealing to the consumer who is interested in healthy, functional food and beverage.

Mintel recently asked breakfast-eaters about four breakfast scenarios to understand what they eat in various morning circumstances, suggesting insights for product positioning that appeals to each consumer.


1. Normal Weekday, Normal Food: Cereal, Fruit, Breakfast Bars
On an average weekday, consumers want morning meals that are “quick,” “light,” “easy,” and “convenient”—all tying into the above data suggesting they don’t have a lot of time to prepare meals. Those that do eat breakfast at home on weekdays reach for cereal, fruit, and juice—still because they are easy and light. Others reported eating yogurt, not only for convenience but also for its health benefits. Finally, breakfast bars can be consumed in transit, making them perfect for the busy consumer. Oh yeah—coffee is a must here.
2. Running Late: Orange You Glad You Had That Banana?
The responses in this category were largely the same as the first question, likely because we’re nearly always pressed for time. Pun intended, the low hanging fruit here is actually fruit; most respondents cited that option, particularly bananas and protein bars, as a key breakfast component when running late. A difference here is that consumers seem to lean more on beverages as meals; drinks like Ensure were also mentioned along with, of course, coffee.
3. Extra Time? I Like It Hot 
Not surprisingly, breakfast eaters turn to hot foods like waffles and French toast when they have a bit more time. Brands with “hot-and-ready” products that offer a convenient tweak to the classic pancake or egg sandwich have a huge opening here. Moreover, some consumers reported that they eat the same thing when they have more time in the morning, but at a different pace This suggests that breakfast is normally a very rushed meal, so brands might do well to address consumers’ need for relaxation and sense of leisure.
4. Oh, Wake Me Up, Before the Big Show...
When questioned what they would eat for breakfast before a big meeting, one meal benefit stood out: energy. This makes sense as we all want to perform our best when we’re “on stage.” Consumers here seek anything that wakes up their senses and gives them a boost of energy. Energy-packed breakfast products should focus on messaging related to their role in pumping eaters up for a big day.   

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Source: Mintel Breakfast Foods July 2018

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