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The Beauty Consumer: Face Mask Feelings

01 Oct 2018 Marlea Clark

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With the boom of K-Beauty, face masks are on consumers’ radar as something fun and indulgent they can do at home—and show off on Instagram. Younger consumers loves the fresh and fun experiences, while the Millennials are treating it like a spa-day at home.

Here are some fast facts about the face mask consumer and how they approach the category:

A Bird's Eye View: 

1/3 of Americans say face masks are a part of their weekly routine. 
−26% use face masks a few times a week
−12% use face masks daily
Peeling off the Mask...
When looking deeper into how consumers are engaging with this part of specialty skincare, the data reveals there are two core consumers swimming in the sea of facial masks and peels: 18-24 and 25-34.
The act of masking is experiential and highly personal. It’s a beauty routine regular that has different emotional implications for different ages. This results in two separate—but equally significant—usage trends.
Younger Women: Ready for my #Selfie 
Thanks to the magic combination of social media and the generation that doesn’t know life without it, sheet masks have become Instafamous. Now, taking care of your skin isn’t just a task- it’s a fun, social experience.
According to 18-24 year-olds:
−50% say face masks are fun!
−47% like to use face masks with friends
−45% take selfies while wearing face masks
This consumer is the most likely to use face masks or peels daily (16%), but the majority of 18-24-year-olds reportedly use them once a week (29%) or a few times a week (26%).

  • Millennials: Masking is for Me Time  
  • While masks resonate the most among younger consumers, there is significant opportunity among Millennials, who use face masks and peels for a pampering and relaxing experience at home. This generation has more disposable income but is still very willing to experiment with products. Therefore, Millennials are much more likely to use face masks at a higher frequency, turning to them for a personal, at-home spa treatment.
    According to Millennials: 
    −29% say face masks are an affordable way to experiment 
    −34% use face masks multiple times a week
    −47% say face masks are a good way to pamper themselves 

    The Future of Face Masks is Bright

    Trends indicate that by 2022, the population of women 25-34 is expected to grow by 10%. Considering this is the consumer that likes to experiment and has the money to do so, they will be key for driving growth in this category throughout the next decade
    Specialty skincare is starting to steal the spotlight, and face masks are at the forefront of that future.
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Source: Mintel Facial Skincare & Anti-Aging US May 2018

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