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Sun Care: Opportunities for Marketing Year-Round

27 Sep 2018 Marlea Clark

in Beauty, Health & Wellness, Retail


Sun care traditionally dominates in the summer, when most of the country is thinking about beaches and sunny days, with a small uptick during spring break. However, recent personal care and beauty trends show there is rich opportunity for sun care brands to expand beyond the single season and shake things up.

Ingestible Sun Care is Trendy, but Requires Transparency 

From collagen powder to fish oil, ingestible beauty is a growing segment, and now sun care is joining in on the trend. Supplements containing nutrients like polyphenols and carotenoids are rising in popularity as they claim to fill your body with an antioxidant reservoir. However, supplements in this category need to be marketed to consumers as exactly that: an addition to a topical sunscreen. Messaging around beauty and wellness coming from the inside will hook the consumer, but it’s critical to be transparent about the benefits—and limitations—of the products. Ingestible sun care may be an interesting add-on for traditional brands, as a way to capture a new audience and stay ahead of the curve. To stand out on the shelf, traditional sunscreen products may want to provide content that acts as a food guide to promoting overall skin wellness and safety, ultimately gaining customer loyalty with transparency and education.
Boost all the Beauty Benefits to Create a Connection
Today there is increased awareness of the damage the sun can do to our skin; in fact, more and more sunscreen formulas are incorporating antioxidants designed to avoid advanced aging. However, today’s ingredient-obsessed consumer is conditioned to expect that and reads product labels looking for more benefits. Reach that consumer by prominently highlighting the “after” beauty effects of the antioxidants and the anti-aging benefits they provide, such as smooth skin and a youthful glow. Sun care products that include antioxidants like Vitamin C and E are the first step in a consumer’s anti-aging process, but the brands that speak to the glowing results the customer is looking for are the ones that are more likely to generate loyalty.
Screen-Screen Protection Needs to be a Thing
Laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, any blue light-emitting device has been proven to increase aging effects on the skin. In fact, blue light penetrates further into the skin and can deeply damage collagen and pigmentation. It’s similar to the effect staring at a blue light screen before bed can have on your sleep cycle and body. A sunscreen lotion or a spray may want to highlight the smart shield of antioxidants that protect against all rays of light, including blue light from screens.
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