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Marketing Strategy Infographic: Holiday Shopping Trends 2017 | WMI

Marketing Strategy Infographic: Holiday Shopping Trends 2017 | WMI

08 Nov 2017 Ann D'Adamo

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Savvy consumers want to unwrap the best deals throughout the holiday season and actively seek out the retailers offering the best price on the items on their gift list. 52% of consumers say they intend to use deals and offers when buying gifts for their friends and family and 48% say that deals are a major influence in deciding where they will shop. In our infographic, we explain how consumers search for discounts and what makes holiday shoppers close the deal. 

What Makes Holiday Shoppers Close the Deal? 

64% free shipping

50% limited-time promotion

33% buy online, pick-up in-store

25% free gift with purchase

Women's Marketing understands the mindset of the female consumer. From how she engages with brands on social media to how she shops in-store, our deep insights into her path-to-purchase allow us to develop marketing strategy that reach her when, and where it matters most. 

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