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Thanksgiving 2017 Trend Outlook | WMI

06 Nov 2017 Ann D'Adamo

in Media, Food & Beverage

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Every family has their Thanksgiving traditions, but Americans also love to get creative when planning the biggest meal of the year. What we serve during the holidays is frequently influenced by food trends. In 1999, truffled mashed potatoes were the height of sophistication, but by 2002, Americans were experimenting with recipes for the three-birds-in-one medley known as “turducken,” a trend we’re just as happy didn’t linger.  Today, marketers can use search and social media data to anticipate those holiday food trends, and shape web and social media content accordingly.

Thanksgiving Fast Facts

Americans will consume 51,650,000 turkeys on Thanksgiving Day

Consumers will spend $2,983,000,000 on food

The average household will spend $342 during Thanksgiving weekend

39,000,000 families will travel for Thanksgiving

Google, What Should I Serve? Food & Beverage Trends  

Searches for Thanksgiving-related content in the food and beverage category begins trending as early as September but peaks during the month of November as cooks begin to prepare their menus.

Top Food-Related Keywords

side dish



sweet potato


slow cooker




butternut squash

Insight: Americans are looking for healthier ways to cook their favorite foods. Offer vegan or “light” versions of traditional holiday indulgences…but leave room for dessert!

Food and Beverage Trend Predictions for Thanksgiving 2017

Search data reveals the foods you’re likely to see on your Thanksgiving table

cauliflower – expect to see this versatile veggie masquerading as a lighter version of mashed potatoes, used as a rice substitute, or blended into soups

corn casserole – spice up this traditional item with jalapeños, bell peppers, or smoked paprika

hasselback-style preparation – this slicing technique makes an elegant presentation on the holiday table

kid-friendly desserts – hosts are going beyond pumpkin pie to create holiday-themed desserts for their youngest guests

sangria – autumn versions of this classic cocktail made with apples, pears, and cranberries are sure to be hit with holiday party-goers

Hosts Go Big on Entertaining

The menu isn’t the only focus—Americans are looking for ways to make the day special for visitors and searching for entertaining tips and crafts for kids.

Top Entertaining-Related Keywords


table scape






place setting



Entertaining Trend Predictions for Holiday 2017

These are the trends you can expect hosts to embrace throughout the holiday season

gold place settings – engagement with gold content has grown over the past year, expect gold plate chargers, vases, even gold DIY projects to deck the halls this year

cactus – although they can be a bit prickly, these plants add texture and an element of surprise to table scapes – and require very little care (a big plus for busy hosts)

placemats – searches for placemats reach their peak in November; offer ideas that range from crafty to elegant

Search insights reveal that Americans believe they have a lot to be grateful for. Brands can help them make their Thanksgiving memorable as they celebrate with the people who matter most. Women’s Marketing offers deep insights into how consumers discover and engage with brands. Contact us to learn about our suite of marketing services.

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