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Infographic: The Modern Mom Manages 2020

08 Oct 2020 Elizabeth McHugh

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When we asked our research community about COVID-19 silver linings, they overwhelmingly responded that the greatest positive to come out of the pandemic was more time with family. Although being a mom in 2020 can be stressful and overwhelming, it is also joyful. The pandemic will pause baby plans for many; the age of first-time moms has been increasing for years and COVID-19 will exacerbate that trend. Current moms are looking for ways to make life easier; the brands that offer solutions—and with budget-conscious products and services—will succeed with this all-important demographic.


Moms in 2020: Concerned about COVID, Flexible, Fun, Stressed

  1. 14% of moms under 45 are rethinking having additional children because of COVID-19
  2. 64% of moms are worried about risk of exposure to COVID-19, which is higher than the general population (59%) (as of August)
  3. Moms are engaging in the following behaviors now, and at a higher rate than the general population:
    1. 58% are limiting time in-store
    2. 51% are shopping more online
    3. 47% are stocking up for groceries/other supplies
    4. 30% are using curbside pickup more
  4. 51% of moms with children five and under are overwhelmed with their parental responsibilities
  5. Nine in 10 agree they love being a parent
  6. The top way she unwinds? TV & movies (64%)
  7. Moms love—and are very active on—social media:
    1. 74% visit Facebook daily
    2. 46% visit YouTube daily
    3. 40% visit Instagram daily 

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