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No Sweat! How Athleisure Is Impacting Beauty | WMI

26 May 2017 Ann D'Adamo

Is makeup at the gym a do or a don’t? Active beauty, the latest cosmetics trend, may have finally ended the debate. Like athleisure-wear for the skin, active beauty products are formulated to stand up to a sweaty workout, help in post-workout recovery, or offer benefits related to specific athletic activities. The trend is inspiring brands to innovate and help women glow beautifully at the gym and beyond.

Women Who Work(out)

From power walkers to marathon runners, 60% of women of all ages say they get some type of exercise at least once a week. While walking is the most common activity, running, weight training, studio exercise like yoga or Pilates, and swimming help women stay in shape and maintain bone health. Even teen girls are getting in on the act—78% exercise at least once a week, among them, 28% practice yoga or Pilates and 16% participate in team sports. If we’ve learned anything from the athleisure trend, we know that women have busy lives and they don’t want to spend time changing and primping before heading to their next activity—and makeup that goes from gym to brunch certainly fits that description.

Don’t Sweat It!

Thirty-nine percent of American women who use color cosmetics are frustrated by products that don’t last and 35% are frustrated by makeup that smudges. Beauty brands are addressing these concerns with lines specifically aimed at this consumer. Sweat Cosmetics, developed by a team of professional athletes (a two-time Olympic gold medalist among them), offers all-natural, mineral-based makeup with a re-fillable twist-up brush applicator that can be tossed in a gym bag and applied on-the-go. Tarte’s High Performance Naturals offers an athleisure collection which includes a natural deodorant and sweat proof mascara. Yuni Beauty appeals to consumers looking for organic and sustainable claims while seeking products that promise to protect and restore skin and hair pre-and-post-workout and includes cleansing towelettes, shampoo and conditioner, and face and body lotions. It’s worthy take note that all the products mentioned are all natural or organic and that’s not a coincidence—consumers who buy natural/organic personal care products are 45% more likely to exercise and 29% more likely to belong to gyms than those that don’t. 

Gym Bag Beauty

Easy to carry, easy to use—that’s the mantra of gym-bag toting women everywhere! Active women don’t want to lug around full-size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and leaky makeup containers, they want portable, easy to apply formulas. Milk Makeup’s multi-use sticks allow users to glide on lightweight foundation/concealer and lip/cheek stains with a simple swipe. Jane Iredale’s Pure & Simple Makeup Kit includes mineral foundation, blush, eye shadow, and lip stain in a packable palette complete with applicators. First Aid Beauty offers "Hello FAB Gym Bag Essentials,” a kit containing everything you need to get clean and healthy-looking on the go, including cleanser, moisturizer, face mist, and lip therapy balm. Packable, easy to use products are key when developing for this market.

Prettier Than a Ponytail

Women going from workout to work generally need a little more polish. drybar’s drybar to Go kit contains a lightweight mini hair dryer, travel-size hairbrush and clips, and styling tools that can be tossed into a gym bag. Additionally, hair care brands are developing products that address concerns specific to runners and swimmers. Moroccanoil’s Clarifying Shampoo leaves hair chlorine-free and moisturized and dry shampoo removes buildup and odor and leaves runner’s hair refreshed without daily washing. Again, portability, speed, and health are paramount when developing products for sports enthusiasts.

Women have a range of interests and priorities, and as wellness increasingly becomes part of their lives, they are looking for products that address their everyday challenges. With a deep understanding of consumers and the media that engages them, Women’s Marketing develops emerging brands into household names. Contact us today to learn how we can help your brand grow.

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