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Seniors and Social Media: How Older Boomers Engage | WMI

Seniors and Social Media: How Older Boomers Engage | WMI

05 Sep 2016 Ann D'Adamo

in Media, Health & Wellness


When we think of social media users, most people automatically think of teenagers or Millennials. But a recent study found that older Baby Boomers were actively engaging on social media, and what’s more, researchers found a connection between social media and better health in this demographic. It appears that the interpersonal connections seniors make on social media may help reduce feelings of loneliness, a contributing factor for many age-related health conditions.

What Are Seniors Doing on Social Media?

95% of respondents said they liked social media technology and 72% said they are open to learning about more new communication technologies. Other research found that 82% of Boomers belong to at least one social networking site with Facebook being the most popular—they’re spending up to 11 hours per week on the platform to connect with family and old friends, share photos, stay up to date on community events, and play games. In addition to Facebook, roughly a third of older Boomers are also active on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, and Twitter, spending up to two hours per week on each site.

How Are Older Baby Boomers Influenced by Social Media?

When they see something that intrigues them on social media, seniors are likely to do a little research to learn more by visiting a company’s website or Googling the brand. More than half of all seniors polled said they researched brands they learned about on social media and 48% liked, shared, or commented on a status update. Interestingly, 41% said they visited a retail store based on something they saw on social media and 20% called or contacted a business or store to inquire about a product. Research seems to indicate that social media aids Boomers in the discovery phase, prompting them to learn more about new products and services.

Because they take a more encyclopedic approach to researching brands and products, older consumers can be encouraged to further explore by including links for more information in their social media posts and optimizing their SEO/SEM to be more easily found by these consumers.

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