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Social Media: How to Develop a Video Strategy for Fashion Brands | WMI

Social Media: How to Develop a Video Strategy for Fashion Brands | WMI

30 Oct 2017 Ann D'Adamo
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Video has the ability to deeply engage consumers and powerfully convey a brand’s message in just a few seconds. Apparel brands have embraced its storytelling ability to introduce their brand to consumers in new and compelling ways. On YouTube alone, all-time views in the  vertical have reached over 118 billion and fashion is the fourth-largest category (after food, beauty, and auto). These videos help to build passionate communities and generate awareness and conversation around brands. Here, we look at the fashion video on YouTube to discover what type of content resonates with fashionistas.

Brand Content or Influencer Marketing? Both!

Apparel brands are investing heavily in their paid YouTube video strategy and it’s paying off. Brand-created video attracts 53% more video views than influencer content, indicating that consumers are very receptive to the creative and compelling content that brands produce. However, influencer-created video continues to generate up to seven times more user engagement than brand content. This reveals that brands can’t rely on just one method of content creation. In addition to investing in brand-created content, they must also continue to partner with influencers to generate conversation about their products and amplify both brand and influencer content with paid media.

2017 Video Content Trends

When planning social video strategies, understanding what type of content gets the most views and which generates the most engagement is essential as they are not always the same. Creating a strategy that incorporates both high performing and high-engagement content is key.

Video Views

Best Performing Brand Content for Views: branding, campaign film, fashion show

Best Performing Influencer Content for Views: DIY, routine/get ready with me, outfit ideas

Enagement Rate

Best Performing Brand Content for Engagement: branding, commercial, campaign film

Best Performing Influencer Content for Engagement: haul, hacks/tips, room/closet tour

Be Runway Ready All Year Round

Content viewership peaks around key fashion seasons in March, May/June, October, and again in December for the holidays. Brands can optimize their strategies by publishing brand and influencer content slightly ahead of historic consumption peaks and maintaining a steady presence throughout the year by developing content for other key events such as prom, back-to-school, or Valentine’s Day.

Social platforms present an opportunity for fashion marketers to showcase their brand and engage with consumers throughout the year. A mix of insights-driven content that celebrates the brand’s aesthetic, heritage, and other brand attributes, along with influencer-created content centered around product launches are components of a successful video strategy. Contact Women’s Marketing to learn how our suite of marketing services, including social media marketing, can help your brand stand out and win.

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