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Body Care: What's Trending Head to Toe?

07 Sep 2018 Marlea Clark

in Beauty, Health & Wellness, Retail


In a category that is primarily considered functional, it can be challenging for body care brands to reach today’s time-crunched, ingredient-focused consumer. What’s working? Body care brands riding the health and wellness wave are prominently on consumers’ radar, but other trends are catching her eye (hello, Booty Beauty).

Below are some elements to consider when planning and marketing body care products today:

Farm-to-Table-to... the Bathroom? 

The health and wellness “trend” has permeated the body care industry in a way that is similar to food and beverage. We live in an age where “better-for-you” living and attention to product labels are capturing consumer attention. This can create fear in those who may not be highly educated on ingredients yet extremely focused on them when comparing products. “Natural” claims help calm these fears, and may steal share from traditional body brands. According to Mintel, 20% of consumers use natural options like coconut oil over body lotion when it comes to skin and body care, and we’ll continue to see pantry ingredients migrate to the medicine cabinet and bedside table.
If You've Got It, Flaunt It (Now)
Body positivity and inclusivity have played a major role in innovative brand and product launches this year. Whether it’s called femcare, booty beauty, or derrière care, the sentiment of embracing “flaws” and loving ourselves has cleared the way for products to head down south and tackle issues that were once taboo—but necessary to women. One way to stand out in the body care category is through splashy launches that reach the younger, more experiential consumer looking to try something new. Who doesn’t want perfect skin head to toe? A booty scrub that leaves skin soft as a baby and a glittery anti-cellulite butt mask will reach that bold female consumer (probably on Instagram, not at Grandma’s). It’s the year of the woman—now is the time.
Efficacy: It's What the Doctor Ordered 
Similar to facial skincare, consumers are increasingly concerned about whether products actually work. When comparing body lotions, creams and similar products in the category, one out of three adults 18-34 think that dermatological claims are critical. If a doctor recommended it, then it must work, right? Probably. Having a dermatologist-recommended product is an automatic opportunity for brands to win as consumers tend to see that as efficacy proof—the product truly works. Because this category is so results-driven, derma brands can stand out further by using on-pack messaging promoting secondary benefits like “soothing” that are add-ons to what the doctor ordered.
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