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Faceted Search and SEO: Effectively Leveraging Faceted Search for SEO

Faceted search used to be pretty rare. Now, it seems to be everywhere! Getting the details wrong on how you wrangle the search-visibility of sites...
By Mike Levin
Social Media

Google vs. Yelp: The Decline of Yelp in Google Search Results

What just happened? Where’s Yelp? Ten years ago, in John Battelle’s book The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and...
By Mike Levin
Social Media

Levinux + Pilulate = Free SEO & Social Tools

This is not your typical end-of-year search predictions for a 2015 article. Instead, it’s my attempt to make a point about next generation SEO. If...
By Mike Levin

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