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Updated Research: Where Female Consumers Buy Beauty Online

Latest Consumer Behaviors, Predictions for Navigating Post-Pandemic, and Verbatims from Female Beauty Shoppers In a rapidly evolving COVID-19 and...
By Elizabeth McHugh
Health & Wellness

GenC: Consumer Behavior in the Time of Corona

Our most pressing concerns are for the health and well-being of all Americans, while also getting a handle on how consumer behaviors can help us...
By Marlea Clark

How Brands Can Address Inauthenticity in Influencer Marketing

Even as influencer marketing has become a foundational marketing channel, cracks within this relatively new avenue of advertising are becoming...
By Grace Teodosio

Infographic: 2019 Clean Beauty Update

The definition of clean beauty is a moving target, so we conducted new research to clarify how female shoppers perceive it. Active participants in...
By Elizabeth McHugh

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