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Understanding Google Analytics Attribution and Why Your Organic Landing Pages Might Be Inaccurate

While Google Analytics is an intuitive platform that can be leveraged by users with little analytics experience, it also offers many advanced tools...
By Lily Ray

The Americans with Disabilities Act's Positive Effect on SEO

What is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)  Based on the Section 508 Amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the ADA has set compliances to...
By Jourdan Rombough

Why CTR Matters for SEO (and How to Perform an SEO CTR Audit)

Ever wonder why you're not getting enough traffic to your site, even though you're ranking for key terms? If you're not actively auditing your CTR...
By John Morabito

Accelerated Mobile Pages: Amped about AMP? Maybe You Shouldn't Be.

Since its seemingly quick rollout in early October 2015, AMP (or Accelerated Mobile Pages) has been slowly affecting more and more mobile searches....
By Flying Point

Troubleshooting Google Analytics: 5 Common Tracking and Attribution Mistakes

Google Analytics is a tremendously popular, widely loved analytics platform used by small and large companies alike. While ample information exists...
By Lily Ray

Seasonal SEO: Updating Your Site For Major Seasonal Events

When was the earliest you’ve ever seen a Christmas/holiday commercial? Even though the big day is December 25th, I clearly remember seeing a major...
By Boris Zilberman
Social Media

YouTube Now Appearing as Source for Quick Answers

Are you or your clients video content creators? If so, things just may have just gotten a lot more interesting for you. As of today, we at Flying...
By John Morabito

Faceted Search and SEO: Effectively Leveraging Faceted Search for SEO

Faceted search used to be pretty rare. Now, it seems to be everywhere! Getting the details wrong on how you wrangle the search-visibility of sites...
By Mike Levin

What Impact Will RankBrain Have on SEO Strategy?

Search marketers were all abuzz over Google’s announcement of RankBrain, the latest update to its search algorithm. In an interview with Bloomberg,...
By Elizabeth Choi

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