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Levinux + Pilulate = Free SEO & Social Tools

This is not your typical end-of-year search predictions for a 2015 article. Instead, it’s my attempt to make a point about next generation SEO. If...
By Mike Levin

Facebook’s New Call-To-Action Button for Business Pages

Starting December 11th, Facebook will begin offering Call-To-Action buttons on business pages. Call-to-action buttons link to any destination on or...
By Caitlin Imbimbo
Social Media

Gaining More Twitter Followers the 100% All-Natural Way

Photo by Elaine R. Wilson via Wikimedia Commons Before someone views a Twitter account’s tweets, the first thing they notice are the number of...
By Nickolaus Trevino
Social Media

Father's Day Facebook Contests

  Photo by Andrij B.   It’s GO TIME! April Showers have brought May Flowers and May has officially turned into June. Now that the days have grown...
By Jenna Manula
Social Media

The Big Three: Social Networking 101

It has been incredibly interesting to watch the big three social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) grow over the past decade or so. Now that I...
By Nickolaus Trevino
Social Media

Flying Point Digital Celebrates Opening of Max Brenner location in Paramus, NJ

This Wednesday several of us from Flying Point Digital visited client Max Brenner’s new Chocolate Bar in Paramus New Jersey for a special,...
By Jim Powell

10-Step Plan for Better Yelp Reviews (Plus Tips on How to Avoid the Filter)

Yelp wants to see itself as a community, but I see it more as a research tool for consumers. If I just want the address for a business, I'll probably...
By Elizabeth Choi

Flying Point Digital Tweet Round-Up

Friday, April 12, 2013 — No time for Twitter? Here's a handy round-up of Flying Point Digital's recent top tweets from the world of search marketing.
By Flying Point
Social Media

Digital Marketing Strategy for Today's Retail Consumer

Over the last decade, the consumer shopping experience has changed significantly. The traditional purchase funnel was once a linear progression,...
By Brandon Heagle

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