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All Hail Content! Emperor of 2015

  The start of the year is always a popular time to start making predictions. As 2015 begins, there are several trends that are ready for the...
By Brandon Heagle
Industry News

Don’t Waste Your Marketing Dollars: 3 Media Tactics Brands Need in 2015

Authors: Elissa Brown, Lauren Roth, Kathleen Jahnke Three members of the Women’s Marketing media and strategy team share insights on key media...
By Elissa B.
Industry News

The Era of Data Analysis in Marketing | WMI

Every new year brings innovative ideas and new technologies to the media industry, and 2015 is no different. One of the trends we see gaining...
By Kim Haley
Industry News

Social Media Predictions for 2015 | WMI

Social Media in 2015
By Kerri Krom
Social Media

Levinux + Pilulate = Free SEO & Social Tools

This is not your typical end-of-year search predictions for a 2015 article. Instead, it’s my attempt to make a point about next generation SEO. If...
By Mike Levin
Stella Rising News

Paper is Boring: A Unique Digital Holiday Greeting Card from Flying Point

This year for Flying Point Digital’s holiday greeting we wanted to do something as special and unique as each of our clients and team members. This...
By John Morabito

Facebook’s New Call-To-Action Button for Business Pages

Starting December 11th, Facebook will begin offering Call-To-Action buttons on business pages. Call-to-action buttons link to any destination on or...
By Caitlin Imbimbo

Executing A Direct Response Campaign | WMI

Yesterday, we spoke about direct response marketing techniques, and how they can increase your brand’s share of voice and engagement. Direct response...
By Sara Axelrod

How to Manage Secure Pages & Duplicate Content Issues for eCommerce

Managing Secure Pages for eCommerce Sites When you're managing an eCommerce site, securing your shopping cart and other pages where sensitive...
By John Morabito

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