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Flying Point Digital Is A Proud Sponsor of New York Cares Coat Drive

Flying Point Digital is a proud sponsor of the 25th Annual New York Cares Coat Drive. This season, FPD proudly donated fourteen coats to the...
By Flying Point

Living in a "Not Provided" World: Understanding SERP, Estimated Traffic, and Click-Through Percentages

By now, everyone has heard of estimated traffic in one way or another. Whether it was called “website traffic predictions for 2014”, or “what traffic...
By adminMain

11 SEO Content Writing Tips: How to Optimize for People and Search Engines

Good SEO writing and content creation goes beyond just keywords. An intelligent keyword strategy is important for ranking well in search, but there...
By Elizabeth Choi

Conductor's c3 Conference - Cutting Edge Search Marketing Tools, Techniques, and Discussion

The SEO department at Flying Point Digital was thrilled to have attended this year's c3 - Conductor Collaboration Conference, where some of the most...
By Lily Ray

5 Crucial SEO Features to Look For in an E-Commerce Platform

One of the most important steps in the process of setting up an online store is selecting the e-commerce platform that will best suit the needs of...
By Lily Ray

Consumer Affairs: Is it Worth the Price Tag?

When It Comes to Online Reputation Management, Google's SERP Can Reveal Some Unpleasant Surprises Turn on your computer and open your web browser to...
By Jenna Manula
Paid Search

How to Efficiently Manage Multiple PPC Budgets

If you are managing multiple PPC budgets across different accounts, you have most likely faced the frustration of missing your targeted spend level...
By Matt Strietelmeier
Stella Rising News

Flying Point Digital Celebrates New Product Launch with Retail Client Members Only

Yesterday, Members Only, one of Flying Point Digital's retail clients, celebrated the launch of its new "Made in America" sportswear collection for...
By Lily Ray

Keyword Research Tool: Find Out How Many Competitors You Have with Google Spreadsheets

Targeting the right keywords is always the first thing you want to do when you’re coming up with your SEO strategy. The typical process is like this:
By Serena Yang

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