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How Women Use Social Media | WMI

Looking at how women use social media can provide great insight for your brand and inform how you devise various media tactics. Women are more likely...
By Julie Wolvek

How to Prevent Digital Advertising Fraud | WMI

“It is essential that digital marketers truly receive the audience they pay for.”
By Sara Axelrod

Integrate Web Marketing & SEO to Your Digital Strategy | WMI

Web Marketing SEO With over 10.3 billion Google searches every month, it is crucial that your company builds and maintains a strong Internet presence...
By Kathleen Jahnke
Industry News

Q&A With Carrie Byrne Putelo | WMI

Carrie Byrne Putelo, Vice President and Group Publisher of OK! Magazine, with Kendra Wilkinson enjoying the night at a high-profile event.
By Marlea Clark

Google AdWords Editor & Sale Countdown: Two Upgrades That Will Make Your Life A Bit Sweeter

As a newbie to the SEM field, managing multiple accounts on a daily basis and ensuring that client expectations are met can be difficult to say the...
By Jessica Ortiz
Industry News

3 Best Media Tactics for Brands This Year | WMI

Consumer media consumption is constantly changing. Make sure your brand stays ahead of the game with these 3 media tactics in 2015. Feel free to...
By Elissa B.

All Hail Content! Emperor of 2015

The start of the year is always a popular time to start making predictions. As 2015 begins, there are several trends that are ready for the...
By Brandon Heagle
Industry News

Don’t Waste Your Marketing Dollars: 3 Media Tactics Brands Need in 2015

Authors: Elissa Brown, Lauren Roth, Kathleen Jahnke Three members of the Women’s Marketing media and strategy team share insights on key media...
By Elissa B.
Industry News

The Era of Data Analysis in Marketing | WMI

Every new year brings innovative ideas and new technologies to the media industry, and 2015 is no different. One of the trends we see gaining...
By Kim Haley

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