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Why Black Fall is the New Black Friday | WMI

Retail trends for 2014 show a growing shift in the timing of holiday marketing campaigns: Specifically, Black Friday marketing strategies are being...
By Elissa B.
Paid Search

Paid Search Account Restructuring: A Checklist

Paid Search Account Restructuring: A Checklist How to Make Your Next PPC Account Restructure a Success Introduction Whether you’re working with...
By Steven Carder
Industry News

Holiday Shopping Statistics: It's a 24/7 World | WMI

‘Tis the season to shop. New trends in the retail industry usually go through a testing phase during the holiday shopping season first. Advertisers...
By Kim Haley

Retail Beacons for the Holidays | WMI

As an update to our previous holiday shopping trends blog post, we are diving deeper into the digital phenomenon. E-commerce will play an especially...
By Kim Haley
Industry News

Holiday Shopping Trends 2014 | WMI

By Kerri Krom

5 Powerful SEO Ranking Factors in 2014

SEO has gone through a tremendous evolution in recent years, and 2014 has been no exception to this trend. Between Panda 4.0, Pigeon, Penguin 3.0,...
By Lily Ray

Millennials Relying on Mobile this Season | WMI

It may not be a surprise that with the holidays right around the corner, young shoppers are getting started on their lists – the news is that they...
By Kim Haley
Industry News

Wellness Lifestyle Marketing is the New Black | WMI

Spend in the Health & Wellness lifestyle sector is driving bigger market share each year. The booming, near-trillion dollar industry cuts across the...
By Kerri Krom

Our Fight Against non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Flying Point Digital’s CEO and Founder, Alan Pearlstein, is taking on his fiercest competitor yet! In the interest of paying it forward, Alan will...
By Caitlin Imbimbo

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