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Impacts of COVID-19 on Amazon Advertising

COVID-19 has demanded flexibility from brands, creating an ever-changing landscape in which to make business decisions. The current climate has...
By Matt Strietelmeier

Answers from Analytics: Current E-Commerce Trends

At Stella Rising, I oversee analytics and measurement for all of our clients; I’m typically dedicated to solving for proper attribution, creating ...
By Zafreen Zerilli

Update: How to Approach E-Commerce and Customer Acquisition

During normal times in business, customer acquisition is the top priority of CMOs, per Nielsen. Under the current conditions resulting from COVID-19,...
By Anthony Vespucci

Stay the Course: Strategy for CPG Brands in the Coronavirus Climate

Though the reaction to COVID-19 has played out differently across the U.S., last week was a true turning point in which social distancing skyrocketed...
By Marjorie Powers

From Past to Future: Navigating Measurement Without Cookies

We live in an era where most everything we do is tracked, or at the very least, is feared to be trackable. I once asked Alexa if the NSA was...
By Brandon Heagle

How Beauty Brands are Winning with Google: Event Insights

At Stella Rising, our strong relationship with Google helps clients win with platform opportunities and best-in-class practices. This week, Stella...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Infographic: Digital Voice Assistants in 2020

A few years ago, the predictions for the growth of voice search within search marketing were bold. The evolution, in reality, has been more...
By Elizabeth McHugh

SEO: How to Respond to Google Algorithm Updates

These days, Google’s core algorithm is updated more often than ever, which can change website rankings overnight. As a Stella Rising SEO expert, I am...
By Leah Tagliarino

TikTok and Snapchat for Brands: Why (and Why Not) to Advertise

Of the social platforms in vogue with younger audiences, TikTok has, of late, garnered the most headlines. From surpassing 1.5B downloads to a U.S....
By Cara Tucker

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