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A Beautiful Rebrand: Interview with Andrea Van Dam

Mass Marketer Retailer recently interviewed Andrea Van Dam, CEO, Stella Rising, about the agency and what it was like to take the strengths of one...
By Amanda Chomicz
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Stella Rising

We’ve been working on something stellar for quite some time, and now she’s here. Her name is STELLA.
By Andrea Van Dam

Will Instagram Win the Video Game with IGTV?

Instagram is the go-to social platform for consumers to see how a product looks or works without leaving their house to sample it themselves....
By Amanda Chomicz

As Google Streamlines its Ad Products, Partners Gear Up for an Even Bigger Data Battle

Google is undergoing a major rebranding slated for mid-July, with an emphasis on major.  AdWords and DoubleClick have been Google’s flagship...
By Amanda Chomicz
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Beyond Skin Deep: Bee Shapiro Opens Up About the Future of Beauty

For almost a decade, Bee Shapiro has had a front-row seat to the beauty industry. As the Skin Deep columnist for The New York Times, she covers...
By Ann D'Adamo
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Building a Beautiful Workforce: Hiring and Retaining Millennial Talent | WMI

Earlier this year, Women’s Marketing and job search platform AllWork fielded a study to learn what Millennials look for as they job hunt and...
By Ann D'Adamo
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Health & Wellness is the Next Trillion Dollar Industry

Women’s Marketing recently collaborated with Rodale on original consumer research designed to explore and explain the modern“Health & Wellness”...
By Kerri Krom
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3 Ways Marketers Can Create Better Brand Experiences | WMI

By now, marketers know that Millennials value experiences over things—almost 80% of Millennials say they would choose to spend their money on an...
By Ann D'Adamo

Social Media 101: Snapchat for Brands | WMI

Now that almost every brand is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Snapchat has become the go-to platform for engaging Millennial and Generation Z
By Ann D'Adamo

Why Celebrity Fragrances No Longer Sell | WMI

In 1991, Elizabeth Taylor began the celebrity fragrance phenomenon with her perfume, White Diamonds. Eager to experience the sophistication and...
By Ann D'Adamo