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Holiday 2020: How is GenC Shopping and Feeling this Season?

“GenC” refers to all of us who are affected long-term by COVID-19 and the complete disruption of everyday life. Now, as we enter the final month of...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Infographic | The Business of Beauty: Pandemic Briefing

Though we have seen beauty ecommerce skyrocket during the pandemic, overall industry sales will decline in 2020, as ecommerce has not fully made...
By Elizabeth McHugh
Food & Beverage

Infographic: Getting to Know (COVID) Grocery

New behaviors for food and beverage consumers are turning into new routines. Over six months into the pandemic, habits have changed and grocery...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Infographic: Gen Z | Growing Up, Staying In

While more than half of Gen Zers still live with their parents, this generation already holds major influence in our economy and in the future of...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Top Five Tips for Amazon Brand Stores

In May, I published a piece on the long-lasting benefits of optimizing content on Amazon. That blog post included a high-level overview of beneficial...
By Michael Hizny

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