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Food & Beverage

Infographic: Green Growth

Similar to their beauty counters, consumers are seeking minimalism for their refrigerator and pantry shelves. The Natural/Organic food industry has...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Infographic: E-Comm + Moms: How Women Are Shopping

For the second year running, we are unveiling research from our proprietary community on how moms are shopping. This critical consumer holds enormous...
By Elizabeth McHugh

The Essential Piece Missing from Your Data Foundation

There is an extremely important element, essential to healthy analytics, that most brands are not doing. The implementation of this strategy leads to
By Zafreen Zerilli

Infographic: Google Retail Summit Recap

At the beginning of 2019, our Director of SEM resolved to work smarter, with strong strategies that integrate with Google Smart Shopping Campaigns....
By Anastasia Sorokina

Rising Star Report: Driving 20% Sales Growth for Natural Snack Brand

Aided Awareness +15.25 points Purchase intent +8.30 points HH penetration grew +.05 points +20% Sales connected to media impact At Stella...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Infographic: Preparing for 2019 Holiday Shopping

With Prime Day now a July fixture, brands are seeking to engage the increasing number of year-round holiday shoppers who shop this way, whether to...
By Elizabeth McHugh

How Brands Can Address Inauthenticity in Influencer Marketing

Even as influencer marketing has become a foundational marketing channel, cracks within this relatively new avenue of advertising are becoming...
By Grace Teodosio

Infographic: 2019 Prime Day Results

This Stella Rising infographic summarizes the massive success of Prime Day 2019 via an absorbing set of stats. And we asked Rina Yashayeva, our VP of...
By Elizabeth McHugh

Infographic: Status Update on U.S. Hotels

Summer represents one of the peak seasons for travel, and because the travel industry is seeing significant YoY growth, this summer in particular is...
By Elizabeth McHugh

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